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Physical Therapy in Marietta

We are a Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy company that prides ourselves in giving you the highest level of care in a one on one environment while treating your current injury, surgery, or complaint, as well as emphasizing the importance of moving properly and giving you preventive tools to keep you injury free. Our focus is to resolve your pain and the cause of it and get you back on track.

We are neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapists/physical therapists that are highly experienced manual therapists and movement specialists focusing on giving you hands on treatment and quality time on assessing and treating your complaint. It's the quality of therapy we provide, and the way we care for you, that will make the difference in your recovery. 

We treat individuals from many different backgrounds with many different conditions. From the sedentary office worker, older adult, to the most accomplished athlete (highschool, amature, and professional). We are able to provide an individualized physiotherapy program following a detailed examination.

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